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The student news site of Wilmington Friends School

The Whittier Miscellany

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Ohio’s Own: Unraveling The Mystery Of Bradley


A new school year means new teachers, new friendships, and, for some, new schools. Bradley will be entering the 9th grade as one of our new freshmen! Bradley is from Wooster, Ohio, and has come to this beautiful state because he was expelled from his last school. He feels nervous about coming, but we hope everyone will greet him with our extraordinary Quaker values and share some extra kindness to make it feel a little more like home. Thank you to our wonderful admissions team for creating a Google form so we could get an idea of who Bradley is and what a great addition he will be to our school!


Sports – Bradley started a Tai Chi club outside of school and did cheerleading and dance. Once he officially starts school, he will be doing cross country, winter track, and baseball.


Hobbies – Bradley enjoys knitting/crocheting and drinking tea while watching the “Great British Baking Show.”


Personality – Bradley thinks of himself as a creative, sympathetic, and witty person. However, he also says he’s stubborn, opinionated, and a pathological liar. He believes that he takes jokes too far and can sometimes overshare.


Fun facts – Bradley is from Wooster, Ohio, his favorite show is “Wednesday,” his favorite food is corn on the cob, and he loves the color red.


Bradley was born in Romania but moved to Ohio because his family sought a better life. But Bradley argues that they left for a different reason. Bradley says he accidentally caught the house on fire while making himself a steak on the grill, and they lost everything. Bradley continued to overshare and say that his parents spent three whole months trying to cover up how the fire started. Who will ever actually know the truth, though?


Bradley shadowed our excellent school with one of our exceptional students. When he was asked a little bit about Bradley, he said, “Bradley is very tall; he said that he was 6 foot 7 inches. His personality was low-key strange, like a little psychotic. But other than that, he was pretty chill. And he talks about Tai Chi a lot.”

We are all super excited for Bradley to join us in the upcoming months, and we know that everyone will do a fantastic job helping and inviting him into our wonderful community! 

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