The Whittier Miscellany

2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Henry Wieman News Editor See Henry Wieman’s profile
See Henry Wieman’s profile
Nate Rashkind Sports and Entertainment Editor See Nate Rashkind’s profile
See Nate Rashkind’s profile
Livy Zug Community Editor; Weekly Articles Coordinator See Livy Zug’s profile
See Livy Zug’s profile
Carter Gramiak Columnist See Carter Gramiak’s profile
See Carter Gramiak’s profile
Molly Lavelle Staff Writer See Molly Lavelle’s profile
See Molly Lavelle’s profile
Jamie Feldman Staff Writer See Jamie Feldman’s profile
See Jamie Feldman’s profile
Katie Bryan Staff Writer See Katie Bryan’s profile
See Katie Bryan’s profile
Jace Boland Staff Writer See Jace Boland’s profile
See Jace Boland’s profile
Kendall Law Staff Writer See Kendall Law’s profile
See Kendall Law’s profile
Ethan Weiner Staff Writer See Ethan Weiner’s profile
See Ethan Weiner’s profile
Bryce Young Staff Writer See Bryce Young’s profile
See Bryce Young’s profile
Tess Wolf Staff Writer See Tess Wolf’s profile
See Tess Wolf’s profile
Lily Rashkind Staff Writer See Lily Rashkind’s profile
See Lily Rashkind’s profile
Blythe Wallick Staff Writer See Blythe Wallick’s profile
See Blythe Wallick’s profile
Grace Morrison Staff Writer See Grace Morrison’s profile
See Grace Morrison’s profile
Eden Cottone Staff Writer See Eden Cottone’s profile
See Eden Cottone’s profile
Kai Heister Staff Writer See Kai Heister’s profile
See Kai Heister’s profile
Collier Zug Staff Writer See Collier Zug’s profile
See Collier Zug’s profile
Pier-Paolo Ergueta Staff Writer See Pier-Paolo Ergueta’s profile
See Pier-Paolo Ergueta’s profile
Matt Banschbach Staff Writer See Matt Banschbach’s profile
See Matt Banschbach’s profile
Pablo Charriez Staff Writer See Pablo Charriez’s profile
See Pablo Charriez’s profile
Brooke Harrison Staff Writer See Brooke Harrison’s profile
See Brooke Harrison’s profile
Sameer Vidwans Staff Writer See Sameer Vidwans’s profile
See Sameer Vidwans’s profile
Kyle Nisbet Staff Writer See Kyle Nisbet’s profile
See Kyle Nisbet’s profile
Elise Johnson Editor-in-Chief; Science and Tech Editor See Elise Johnson’s profile
See Elise Johnson’s profile
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