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The student news site of Wilmington Friends School

The Whittier Miscellany

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April Music

In April 2024, a plethora of artists released new music across various genres. There was something for everyone, from pop to rock, hip-hop to country. Today, we will talk about some notable releases, including Taylor Swift, Drake, J. Cole, and many more. With so many new releases, it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your music library and discover fresh tunes.


“Good Luck, Babe!”

The first single we will discuss is “Good Luck, Babe!” by Chappell Roan. Kayleigh Amstutz, who goes by the stage name Chappell Roan, is a singer-songwriter from a small town in Missouri. She has 15 million monthly listeners on Spotify and released her debut album titled The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess in September of this year. The album features some of her most popular songs like “Red Wine Supernova” and “Casual,” and Dan Nigro worked on both “Good Luck, Babe!” and The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess with her. Her music is influenced by 1980s synth-pop and early 2000s pop hits. She gained widespread attention after opening for Olivia Rodrigo on her world tour, playing at Coachella for the first time, and having her music discovered on TikTok.


In April, Sabrina Carpenter released a new song called “Espresso,” which has been stuck in many people’s minds. Sabrina Carpenter is a talented actress and singer who first gained fame as a child star on Disney shows such as Girl Meets World. She started her music career in 2015 by releasing her debut album, Eyes Wide Open. Nowadays, Sabri- na is doing great in her pop/R&B music career. Her latest album, Emails I Can’t Send, (EICS), features catchy, emotional songs about love and heartbreak. Her most famous songs, like “Nonsense,” can be found on EICS. “Espresso” went viral on TikTok after its release and now has over 21 million views on YouTube, where she released a music video directed by Dave Meyers. Sabrina revealed she spent many days working late (cus she’s a singer) on this song.

“Push Ups”

Drake released one of his newest songs in April as well! “Push Ups” came out on Apr 19, 2024. Drake is a famous Canadian rapper, singer, and actor who gained popularity for his smooth flow and catchy hooks. He began his career as an actor on the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation and then transitioned to music. Drake is known for his chart-topping albums that blend rap, R&B, and pop music. He has received numerous awards, including Grammys, for his musical talent. His introspective lyrics have a huge influence on modern hip-hop culture. Some of his most popular songs include “Rich Baby Daddy,” “One Dance,” and “Family Matters.” Drake finally put “Push Ups,” a diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar, on streaming platforms after being leaked the week- end before. Fun fact, for the cover art, Drake used a shoe-sizing tag, which he mocks Lamar’s small feet on the record.


The first album we’ll talk about is Older by Lizzy McAlpine, released on April 5, 2024. Lizzy McAlpine is a singer-songwriter born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She gained recognition by posting original songs and covers online on SoundCloud and YouTube. In 2020, she re- leased her debut studio album, “Give Me a Minute”, to critical acclaim. After releasing her sophomore album, Five Seconds Flat, (FSF), her popu- larity skyrocketed. FSF is home to one of her most famous songs, “Ceilings.” “Ceilings” went immensely viral on TikTok after being sped up, and TikTokers worldwide started posting videos of them running on beaches to this song. Older was written entirely independently and worked on by multiple producers. Lizzy confirmed that the tracks on the album were recorded in one or “a couple” takes instead of being heavily produced and perfected like FSF was. The most popular song on Older by Lizzy McAlpine is the song Older, with a total of 11 million streams.

Might Delete Later

Might Delete Later, by J. Cole, was also released on April 5th! J. Cole is an American rapper known for his profound lyrics and storytelling. He gained recognition with his mixtape “The Warm Up” and released successful albums like Cole World: The Sideline Story, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and KOD. Cole’s music often tackles social issues, personal struggles, and the pursuit of dreams. He founded Dreamville Records to support other artists. J. Cole’s impact on hip-hop is undeniable, and fans appreciate his lyrical depth and authenticity. Might Delete Later is J. Cole’s fourth mixtape. It was released on April 5, 2024, by Dreamville and Interscope Records, making it the first project Cole released outside of Roc Nation.

The Tortured Poets Department

Finally, the most anticipated release of the year is The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a renowned singer-songwriter who started her career with country music in Nashville. She quickly became famous with hits like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.” Taylor’s lyrics are powerful and emotional, earning her numerous awards, including multiple Grammys. She has evolved her sound over the years, embracing pop, rock, and indie genres with albums like 1989, Reputation, and Folklore. Taylor is also known for her fierce independence and advocacy for artists’ rights. She is a dominant force in the music industry and beyond. Taylor Swift broke a surplus of records after releasing TTPD. The Tortured Poets Department gained 300 million streams in 24 hours and hit a billion streams a week later, making her the fastest artist to do so. Currently, she is on her Eras Tour, including the TTPD era, where she sings five songs. She also will be featured on Gracie Abrams’ new album, The Secret Of Us, on Jul 21, 2024.

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