The Veldt

Esther Adebi '24, Literary guest writer

Let’s give them a bright room

Where the children’s thoughts can bloom

Fantastical thoughts fill their heads

Ethereal worlds and flowerbeds 


We’ll fabricate them an escape from this place

And evade the problems we’re too timorous to face

We’ll fill their heads with fantastical lies

And unknowingly feed us to the lion’s pride 


And before we’ve noticed that they’re too far gone

Their beautiful escape turned corrupt; deformed

Once spectacular beasts, both terrible and sublime

Their world now a symbol that we’ve run out of time 


Their bright room, now a fright room

Home to our grotesque demise

For we were far too foolish to only realize

The frights for which we built this treacherous escape

We could have fixed together but we watched with mouths agape 


We could have been united in simplicity alone 

Maybe that simplicity would make a true HappyLife Home

If we talked through their fantastical thoughts, we may not have lost our heads

And we may not have bought a Happylife home where simplicity is dead.