Isabelle Bohner '24, Literary guest writer

Everyone strives

To leave a mark

A blemish on the Earth

On other people

And on where they are


So many ways to achieve this

A physical mark

A scar, a dent, a picture

A book, a building, a design


They speak of a life well lived

Of doing great things

They speak of moving



There are those marks that

No one sees but everyone knows

An idea, a song, a speech, an impression

Some things stay with us forever


Everyone tries to leave a big mark

Some succeed and are remembered in their glory

For what they’ve done

What they’ve said


Those who fail

Are often forgotten

But everyone leaves a mark

No matter how small

Somewhere you have left a scuff

An impression


But never forget whether good or bad

The marks mean we are alive

And that we are human

And that we are alive


Everyone does leave a mark

Even those who say they don’t

Or don’t want to

In fact they leave the biggest marks of all


Everyone leaves a mark

Marks of every size

People try to make big ones

They fear being forgotten


People will forget

But time, nature, places

Never will

Everyone strives to leave a mark