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Hindsight is 20/20

Hindsight is 20/20

June 6, 2020

Positive Effects from RAK

Nick Urick, Columnist

March 13, 2019

     This year, the Wilmington Friends School community has been the host of a variety of engaging clubs. One of the most prominent and active clubs, though, has been Random Acts of Kindness - a club devoted to promoting po...

In Defense of Free Reading

Lucy Knudsen '19, Columnist

January 23, 2019

With our hectic schedules, students of today are often consumed by school, sports, and extracurriculars. I can say for myself that my room is full of interesting books that I’d love to read, but haven’t gotten around to. As ...

Addressing Voter Ignorance: What Would a Mandatory Civic Literacy Test Look Like?

Olivia O'Donnell, Columnist

March 29, 2018

It appears as though no stone has been left unturned in discerning Mr. Trump’s capacity to govern the United States of America as president: time and time again, he has shown himself to be an inept leader who incites his ba...

Opinion: Jemele Hill, ESPN, and the NFL Controversy

Marley Morton, Columnist

November 6, 2017

 Jemele Hill, an ESPN personality SportsCenter host, was suspended for two weeks over a tweet. Hill, who is a 41 year old African-American woman, was already forced to apologize earlier this fall after calling President Trump a...

The Importance of Politics

Olivia O'Donnell, Columnist

November 6, 2017

    “Yale, where do you stand?” the stark white letters brazenly read.      Unlike the various other posters hung one after another on a noticeboard at the university’s campus, this perfervid question dema...

Will Journalism Survive the Modern World?

Cecilia Ergueta, Columnist

November 6, 2017

          “You are the future.” Whether spoken half-jestingly, proudly, emphatically, or even desperately, these words grew to become “old news” at the 2017 Al Neuharth Journalism and Free Spirit Conference. The fiv...

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