How Donald Trumped the American Media

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No matter your opinion on real-estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, there is no denying that he has been successful in making headlines during the past few months. It is hard to know where to begin with some of the controversy he has stirred up. He has been the target of many jokes recently, although some people have genuine fears about the possibility of Trump becoming our next president due to his status on recent pollings. Many people are paranoid that Trump is “winning,” even though the election is not off the ground at this point; the polls going on currently are essentially based on name recognition. It is true that he is ahead in many of the Republican polls, but even winning the Republican nomination is nowhere close to guaranteeing him the presidency.

The primaries begin in February; it is important to differentiate this from the actual presidential election itself. This is strictly for the Democratic/Republican nomination. In my opinion, we as level-headed Americans don’t have too much to worry about. The entirety of his campaign up until this point has essentially just him making ridiculous remarks and causing controversy, thereby making headlines and making sure that he’s all over the news. Perhaps his stances appeal to some strong conservatives, but once the real election is up and running, it will become even more clear how unqualified Trump is to be a president.

When Trump first decided to run for president in 2012, he told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview that he was running “for office in a country that’s essentially bankrupt, and it needs a successful businessman.” This may seem ironic, considering Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy the year before he made this statement. He began his career at his father’s already extremely successful retail company, and is not necessarily what you would call a typical “self-made businessman.”He has not had a difficult life, and although Donald Trump has seemingly had everything in his life handed to him, this presidency will not be one of them.

The inflammatory remarks Trump has made during his time in the public eye have been excessive, to say the least. In particular, his stance against immigration has been causing great controversy. He has announced on more than one occasion that he plans to deport every single undocumented immigrant in the US: an infeasible process estimated to cost around $114 billion dollars and take 20 years. When grilled on exactly how he plans to accomplish this, however, he was trumped. His extreme stance on immigration is ironic at best, considering that his mother is a Scottish immigrant and his paternal grandparents are both German immigrants. The way Trump stereotypes Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers reflects a significantly larger problem within the right wing community’s stance on immigration. Mr. Trump has suggested, following an alleged murder committed by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco, that a large majority of Mexican immigrants are felons that should be deported from the country. However, the Immigration Policy center has released a report that directly states: “the available evidence indicates that immigrants are not only less likely to end up behind bars than the native-born, but that immigrants are also less likely to commit criminal acts to begin with.”

The fact remains that immigrants, especially those who are undocumented, have more to lose than gain in committing crimes. The idea that immigrants are somehow a threat to our national security is not only rooted in racism, but is dangerous to immigrants coming to US seeking new opportunities and a fresh start. Donald Trump’s viewpoints reflect a troubling right-wing viewpoint that threatens the right of immigrants to come to our country. Trump’s extreme right-wing standpoint appeals to a small minority of a sheltered, close-minded population of American people. However, his backhanded, hypocritical right-wing “policies” – if you could call them that; it appears that he doesn’t even have a plan behind most of the presidential pledges he’s made – don’t resonate with the majority of Americans. Trump is causing controversy now, but in my opinion, has no real chance of winning the election.

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