Republican Takeover Gears U.S. Towards Success

Holiday 2014

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This past election was a huge success for the future of this country. President Obama’s policies, especially within the past two years, have set our country on a course for failure. President Obama’s foreign policy, his policy on immigration and economic reform, and his negative stance toward big business is detrimental to maintaining our country’s founding ideals. The Republican landslide in both houses of congress, state legislative bodies, and state leadership positions show that the American public agree with this position. Republicans promise a tripartite legislative agenda of lowering taxes, supporting economic growth through encouragement of large corporations, and tightening of immigration into our great nation. These three items are the key to this country’s future success.

Republicans now control both the Senate and the House of Representatives–therefore, they control what gets passed into law. This will ensure that President Obama cannot pass legislation that allows illegal immigrants legal status like any normal U.S. citizen. This will discourage more illegal immigration and rid our country of people who do not reside here legally. Republican control of both houses also guarantees no raised taxes for the wealthier Americans and large businesses. This will benefit America because it will allow our economy to expand, and it will create more jobs, thereby increasing our country’s overall happiness and living standards.

This election holds tremendous value because it shows that 2016 will be a year in which the GOP have a high chance of winning, which will be a great service to this country. Our top candidates are Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida; Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico; and Paul Ryan, US representative from Wisconsin. Governor Bush is the most qualified of the three leading contenders. He highly values education reform and is pro-business. In addition, he is a member of the moderate Republican establishment, which will help change the party’s perception as being one for “wild people.” President Bush will enable the U.S. to maintain its great ideals such as laissez faire free trade, freedom, democracy, and justice. The 2014 election has given me hope; it has shown me that our country is back on track to maintaining our status as the world’s best country.

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