The future of the clerks and clubs of WFS


Kyle Nisbet, News Writer

  Clubs have been an integral part of the Wilmington Friends School culture and activity. The clerks of said clubs are also very important to help correctly steer the club’s directions and goals. One of the main organizations is the Business Team, which the Nominating Committee helped to decide the members of. The new business team, in no particular order, is Hannah Blackwell ’20, Casey Tyler ’20, Wyatt Nelson ’20, Ashley Chompre ‘20, Kiera Patterson ’20, and Sean Brady ’20. They will be helping to guide the rest of the school, and help set up bylaws for future members.

     While Business Team is one of the more prominent clubs, they are also various other clubs that have new leadership, one of those being RAK, or Random Acts of Kindness. Since the current clerks did an amazing job, the future clerks can only hope to be able to continue the epic legacy and great work of RAK. The future clerks are Kyle Nisbet ’21, Lucy Taylor ’21, Jacob Jaworski ’20, and Oryem Kilama ’20. While Chess Club may not be randomly dispersing prizes and posters around the school, their future clerks, Kyle Nisbet and Luke Munch ’21, plan to set up future tournaments and interest a larger portion of the school in the game that has been around since 500 AD. Another club that has been a part of WFS since its founding, or Student Disciplinary Committee. The club’s purpose is to recommend consequences when someone is facing the disciplinary process. Connor Miller ‘19 and Grant Sheppard ‘19, did a great job, and next year Annabel Teague ‘20 and Jadyn Elliot ’20 will continue as the clerks. When Annabel was asked about the future of SDC, she said that they are “hoping to reform it for the better in the future” and their plan is to “make it a lot more oriented towards rehabilitation as opposed to just discipline.” Instead of meeting only when needed as SDC has in the past, for next year they plan to meet once every 7-Day cycle.

     In relation to big future plans, MOAS, or Model Organization of American States, has also been given new clerks, as Connor Miller passes the torch to Hannah Blackwell, Harry Anderson ’20, and Abby VandenBrul ’20. The Service Committee continues to be run by clerks Ashley Chompre and Kiera Patterson also seem to have great future aspirations. When asked about it, Kiera responded, “Service at WFS opens our tight knit school community to the important problems in our larger community. It helps our student body gain perspective into the lives of those less fortunate and gives students the opportunity to change.” The Stock Market Club, led by Kyle Nisbet and Grayson Sullivan ’20 also plans to expand its membership and keep up with the great enthusiasm the club has already received. Another of the more recent clubs that was started at the end of this year is the A Capella club, led by Lyle Knudsen ’21, and Andrés Pardo ’21. When the club’s leadership was prompted about the club’s future under their leadership, Lyle replied, “A Capella is a fruity way to spend time sharing your voice! Many new friendships are made when fruity sounds are released into the club!” It seems like the effect of that club will soon be resonating across the school in a positive way. Andrés also clearly stated, “We hope to grow and possibly perform one day.”

It is also very clear that the seniors have faith in the incoming club leaders as Carson Davis-Tinnel ’19, when prompted, replied with, “I really believe that all of them can do such a great job! They had been really good at leading the school in many other ways, and I hope that everyone can continue to make a difference!” Overall, Wilmington Friends’ clubs have thrived and given  many students a much-needed space to grow and nature their various niches so that it may help improve the community’s relationships and the community as a whole. The Whittier wishes all clubs good luck in the years to come, and hope that new leaders can continue previous successes.