Empty hallways, forever filled with memories

    The class of 2019 has officially served their time here at WFS, and the entire community can feel their absence just days after their departure . Their bold exit included many pranks, the classic noise parade, the controversial skip day, and most importantly, a particularly heartwarming farewell. The senior’s exit marks the beginning of the end of high school for the rest of our community, and their  goodbyes indicate many of our younger students’ owns countdown to their similar last day.  On their last day, The senior class enjoyed Moe’s Southwest Grill, as well as ice cream from the Mr. Softee truck, which made a grand appearance just for them! Ashley Carpenter ’19 expressed her gratitude following their last day, when she commented,“It made the day unforgettable and that much more special for us.” These traditions define senior year for the WFS students that will eventually have the same experience when their time comes.

     This year the most controversial custom, the infamous senior skip day, served as the commencement of the seniors’ shenanigans in their last week of school. Senior Skip Day is a popular tradition in high school, and many teachers at Friends can even recollect their own experiences today. Donald Morton ’94 commented on how times have changed since his own skip day at WFS. “When we had senior skip day it wasn’t something that was expected or had to happen. We knew that we were doing something edgy and could get in trouble. Students now believe

that they are entitled to this day and are surprised when negative consequences arise.” Other teachers such as Emily Green, the new Upper School nurse, reminisced on their own senior skip day. “My friends and I spent the entire day at what we called ‘the senior beach’ which was a small patch of sand on the reservoir.” Nurse Green was not the only one who spent her skip day at the beach, Taiasha Elmore, the school receptionist, went to an actual beach where she and her peers celebrated their prospective graduation. Interestingly enough, this year teachers anticipated that some students would be absent due to the coincidental overlapping of the senior  skip day with Good Friday. Despite faculty attempts to cancel the day and warn students of possible ramifications, this year’s seniors persisted with their skip day. Although this day is unconventional, it brings the seniors together to bond as much as possible before they go their separate ways for college. Chase Fallon ’19 supported this point optimistically when he commented: “It was so fun being able to experience some of my last days of high school with the kids I’ve known since I was young. I will never forget my senior skip day!” Clearly, the seniors leaving will have a profound effect on our community, as their final joyous contributions shined a light on what they contributed to the school. Jadyn Elliot ’20 elaborated on this point, when she said: “It feels strange that the seniors aren’t here. However, I am confident that the upcoming grades will follow in their footsteps!”

     With senior spirit thriving , the class of 2019 went out with a bang during their last week. The entrances and hallways of the school were decked with leis, straw hats, and beach balls, while seniors were seen repping extravagant coastal fashions for Monday’s beach theme. The days following consisted of high school stereotypes, where Carson Davis-Tinnel ’19 assumed the role of head cheerleader, Alonia Needs ’19 fulfilled her goal as a varsity football jock, and Ross Clark ’19 channeled the character of a devout prepster. On jungle day, students found themselves dodging mass amounts of greenery throughout the hallways while mock explorers and animals traveled through the jungle. Faint EDM tracks reverberated from the cafeteria on Thursday, where the seniors put together their own rave on the day coined by the school as ‘happiness day.’ Seniors dressed in neon colors and decorated with lights and balloons to throw the perfect party as their last day approached. The hallways were filled with smiles and laughs until their big day came. The farewell took place in the meeting room where the senior class gave advice and expressed their gratitude for anyone and everything that allowed them to get to where they are. Many were visibly very emotional, or “feeling all the feels”, as tears were shed at times. To others, though, it was pure laughs and smiles.

     We say goodbye to the seniors as they go on their own way, and fulfill their own destiny. Each year, seniors celebrate in their own way by setting an example for the underclassmen to work hard so that they will be able to celebrate!  The community will surely change as time passes and the younger grades acclimate to their new roles it the Upper School. However, the seniors made their mark upon their departure and were sure to indicate that students should remain joyous throughout their time at Friends. Overall, the senior class has been successful and was duly thanked for their wisdom at the senior farewell. While it was surely sad to see them go, their legacy was embraced.