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Science Award Goes to Adebi

Addie Trudel

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The Robert P. Hukill Science Award is given to a member of the junior class who shows an immense amount of innovation and creativity in the applied sciences. This year, Daniel Adebi ’18 will be the recipient of this prestigious award due to his commitment to expanding his knowledge in the applied sciences!

The award is in memory of Robert P. Hukill, a Wilmington Friends alumni from the class of 1949. The Upper School’s department of science determines the recipient each year. Every year, the science department is faced with this tough decision while looking at many spectacular and talented students for the award, but this year Adebi was the clear choice. This year, Adebi showed initiative both inside and outside of the classroom when it came to the applied sciences. He has numerous accomplishments such as showing leadership in Science Olympiad and the robotics team, doing independent studies in math, computer science, and astronomy, and showing a high level of interest in chemistry and physics. “Daniel is an excellent student who shows extra curiosity in science,” stated his teacher Matt Cauchy who has worked very closely with Adebi this year.

Adebi has showed that he is very hard working and devoted to learning. He took Malone School Online Network classes to expand his knowledge in math, astronomy, and computer science. Adebi goes above and beyond with what he does. This year, he was able to compete in a Science Olympiad competition for astronomy and came in 2nd place out of fifty-one teams in the Delaware competition. This was the highest placed event that Wilmington Friends school competed in this year. He also worked in the design lab with the 3D printers to make different models. Margaret Sullivan ’17, last year’s recipient of the award, stated, “The future of science at Friends is going to largely involve the Design Lab and 3D Printing, and it’s an amazing experience to be a part of.” Adebi is a student who shows exceptional skill and passion in what he does.

Although Adebi’s strong points are math, science, and computer science, he has a lot of balance in his life. Not only is Adebi a scholar, he is equally well versed in athletics. He has contributed to both basketball and football varsity teams which both made to the state tournament. He has a vibrant personality and is able to converse about many things, not just science. It’s no surprise that he is a valued teammate whether it’s on the athletic field, or in a science competition.

Adebi owes his success to his ability to adapt to new material and to learn such material quickly. His advanced chemistry teacher, Sarah O’brien, expressed, “Daniel picks up concepts very quickly in advanced chemistry. The class has a joke: whenever someone is feeling particularly good about their understanding, they will say, “I am feeling like Daniel!”. There is nothing holding Adebi back when it comes to learning. Adebi spends most of his time in the Design Lab working on new projects and expanding his knowledge. He is a knowledgeable student who is capable of changing the world of science in the future.

With the intuition that he has showed, there is no doubt that Adebi will continue his hard work in the future. Whether he pursues astronomy, mathematics, computer science, robotics, or any field in the applied sciences, Adebi will continue being successful in what he does. He is a model student who has a passion for learning and can adapt to any curriculum. It is easy to say that he more than deserves to receive this award due to his innovation and creativity that he has showed. Adebi has showed passion, innovation, and creativity and will continue.

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Science Award Goes to Adebi