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Pumping up for Fall Sports!

Krystal Xu, Sports Writer

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As summer quickly approaches, so does the arrival of the upcoming Fall sports season. With the end of Spring sports, WFS students are already preparing for the fall and look forward to a new year of sports. The Fall teams demonstrate their enthusiasm and dedication by practicing throughout the duration of the summer.

Cross Country is one of the Fall sports that many students look forward to. “Preseason is always going to be hard because the runners need to get in shape and speed up. I usually progressively add pressure to the training,” comments Paul Nemeth, Head Coach. However, preseason is not just for physical preparation; it is also a time for team bonding. “We have a lot of fun events during the preseason. Last year, our team went to the beach house, which was really fun. I think this year we are going to the Brandywine and will host other events there,” Nemeth added. While preseason may initially have a negative connotation, the Fall sports at WFS also utilize this time to build relationships across all ages within the Upper School.

In addition to girls Cross Country, there are two more sports offered for girls during the Fall season. “I am doing field hockey during the fall season next semester. I have played for years and I love the sport and the team. It is really fun playing with friends. Even though we usually run a lot, it is always fun when you are doing it with friends. I love field hockey because I can spend time with my friends while also getting to know people I have never talked to before,” Emma Landis ’19 remarked. Despite the continuous hard work, these efforts made over the summer are rewarded through the bonds formed between teammates and the success of the team during the regular season.

The Volleyball team is yet another team to experience this: “I joined the volleyball team last year and I loved it. I didn’t know how to play in the beginning, but everyone was so nice and taught me the basic skills, which helped me grow,” says Una Winn ’19. Similar to the other teams, the Volleyball team also takes part in team bonding events such as sleepovers and team dinners. The frequency of team bonding activities during the fall season allows student-

athletes to develop their athletic abilities while simultaneously building relationships with teammates and coaches that will last throughout Upper School and beyond.

The boys at WFS are just as excited as the girls for the upcoming Fall sports season. “I look forward to soccer season already. We run a lot during preseason, but it’s in our best interest because speed is crucial in soccer,” notes Timmer Farley ’19. The various Fall sports teams share several similarities, especially in regards to their summer training and eagerness to begin the season. “It is also the same in football’s preseason – everyone is excited to be with their friends, get in shape, and prepare for games,” Nathan Crock ’19 explained. The boys’ Fall teams are ready to train throughout the course of the summer in hopes to thrive in this new year of sports.

With all of the team’s determination, next school year’s Fall sports season is sure to be a success. The community as a whole cannot wait to see what the next year of student-athletes has in store.

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Pumping up for Fall Sports!