Whittier Sold to WaPo


Kyle Nisbet, Staff Writer

The Whittier is the classic student-run newspaper for the Wilmington Friends School. As it also happens to be one of the oldest papers in Delaware due to it and the school’s “old age” it’s a huge tradition for WFS students. However, this all came to a sudden end when the faculty advisor Mr. Daniel Scott received an offer from The Washington Post,  which is backed up by the world’s richest, Jeff Bezos, saying that the post would offer to buy out the Whittier for $160 million. 

Next came the awkward part of how to tell the Whittier staff… and the Wilmington Friends trustees. For how to divide the money Scott seems to think it would only be fair if 40 million goes to him and the Editor in Chief, Elise Johnson ( pictured below).  Around 1k will be used for the Whittier staff pizza party and the other $79,999 Million will be going to the WFS Board of Trustees and endowment to decide on. As for what each group will be doing with their newfound wealth? 

The school announced that the football team will be getting a renovated Stadium Rolls Royces to take to each other games and then the rest will be invested with the rest of the sizable Endowment for future years. Mr. Scott who teaches English has announced that he will not be coming back for next year and instead take up a job as a diplomat with the Organization of American States ( OAS) so he can do volunteer work and travel the world with his new wealth.  Elise Johnson, when asked for a comment, said “no, no it definitely wasn’t for the money” as she chilled by the beach in her new mansion in Bora Bora. ” we did it to take the paper to a new level.”  Overall it seems safe to say that the school as a whole made out like a bandit from the WaPo’s acquisition. It is still to be seen how long it will take the Washington Post to earn the $160 million back though.