WFS Moves Sports Online


Photo by Elise Johnson and

Estelle Hegenbarth playing representing WFS in the Wii Tennis State Championship

Elise Johnson, Editor In Chief

As the old saying goes, there is no “I” in “team.” However, when you rearrange the letters, there is a “me” or should I say… “mii.” This Spring sports season, WFS has decided to move sports online and onto the Wii Sports platform. Sports options include tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Although tennis, baseball and golf are already offered at WFS, this opportunity offers an exciting chance for students to try bowling and boxing. Macey Volp ’22 commented, “I’m excited by the versatility of the sports I’m allowed to play. Who ever thought I could play bowling for my Spring sport?!” Ultimately, however, Volp opted to continue with tennis citing her “hope of playing some fantastic doubles this season.” Although the transition to online sports was difficult, Estelle Hegenbarth ’21 commented, “I decided to join tennis this year to stay active and have some fun with my friends, so I was a bit disappointed when the season moved online. However, because of my years of experience in Wii Sports, I’ve moved from the bottom of the ladder to the top!”