The Fight For Democracy

Pablo Charriez, Staff Writer

At the heart of our school remains the belief that everyone’s vote matters. As President Joe Biden once said, “Democracy is a fragile thing”, and that goes for elections big and small. From deciding the class representative to the task of deciding the next President, respectively. And never before has there been such a blatant disregard for our system than with Rasheed “Suga” Bashir 24′. A disregard for not just our democratic process, but also neglect for many of our core Quaker values. 

To understand the broader allegations against the defiant representative, let’s first summarize. Damning evidence has been found regarding the criminal use of the inspect tool on Google being used to tamper with the vote. Tracing the google account used for this hack was difficult, as it had 2-factor identification, as well as all of this hacking being done while on the elusive search engine, “Incognito”. Following this digital trail, our team was able to open the accounts email page, which had direct messages with Mr. Bashir. According to the transcripts, Mr. Bashir told the account “dispose of the opposition”, to which the account replied that this was “not a possible route, although election fraud is still on the table”. These messages were sent on October 32, 2020, with a final message from the disgraced representative giving the hacker the all-clear, as well as several thousand dollars in DogeCoin for payment. We reached out to Mr. Bashir for his official statement, to which he replied he “did not have business relations with that hacker”. 

Several opposition leaders have pointed to the “Suga Tax” as his main reason for committing this egregious crime. For those unaware, the “Suga Tax” is a bill currently speeding through the Freshman Congress which gives Rasheed “Suga” Bashir one-half of every piece of gum transaction within 10 miles of Wilmington Friends upper school campus. With an average of 23.4 pieces of gum being distributed per hour in the high school alone, shares have plummeted in the gum industry as fears for an industry monopoly loom ahead. 

While protests have erupted throughout the math hallway, a major demonstration calling for Mr. Bashir’s removement from office has been planned for the day of April 1st. To contribute to our democracy defense, visit, or spread the hashtag #stopthesuga on social media.