Your April Horoscope

Pier-Paolo Ergueta, Staff Writer

Your April Horoscope

brought to you from the stars – well really brought to you by Pier-Paolo Ergueta

Whether it’s for a one-time social media post to keep up your timeline aesthetic or a monthly guide to dictate your every decision, here’s your monthly horoscope! It is April – the month when the spring sun fills us with sadness, and the long winter months filled with 5 PM sunsets will be oh so missed! 

Horoscope for April 2021 says that individuals will do well in their personal life if earlier this year they experienced sadness in this field… so pretty much everyone! You will be a very capable student during the month of April, and all your missing assignments will vanish all on their own. Oh and that person you’re taking to prom, talking to, or that you have a crush on? It turns out that you’re soulmates, so make sure not to mess things up!

This month will be a very successful one for fixed signs, especially for Arieses and Aquarians. Clearer skin, better grades, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently use the new information you learn, winning the admiration of others. For Tauruses and Geminis, now is the ideal time to find a new partner or friends, thanks to the influence of Venus and Mars. The planets will give you enough social strength to reach out to people you found interesting in the past, but didn’t have a chance to get to know better.

Any of the other signs that haven’t been mentioned? This isn’t your month, better luck next time!