The Silent Violent Ninjas

Tess Wolf, Staff Writer


Remember that open door you swear you closed or that time someone called your name, but when you turned around, no one was there? Don’t worry—you’re not going crazy. There is a simple explanation. Ninjas. Wilmington Friends School currently has a serious problem on its hands. For the past few weeks, a ninja infestation has been messing with kids around the school, and in general making lives more difficult. That time when your teacher got mad at you because SOMEONE had started playing 2048 on your computer during class… it was the ninjas. However, the reason this is such a catastrophe is that, just like your unforgiving teacher, no one can see the ninjas. They are just too stealthy and quick for anyone to witness, let alone catch. Sadly, this means we can do absolutely nothing about this invasion. For now, notifying the public and raising awareness are the only options. So, spread the word! Ninjas are ALL OVER WFS! Everyone needs to be alert if they want to stand a chance against these sneaky trouble-makers. Until more concrete plans are formed, please remember to be understanding of mistakes, since ninjas can mess up just about anything for anyone and you’ll never see it coming.