Importance of Women’s sports At Wilmington Friends


Cora Lohkamp, Staff Writer

At Friends, we focus on simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship every year, better known as the SPICES. This year, we are focused on integrity, but that does not mean the other qualities do not matter that year. In many aspects of this school, these values stay true, but there is a difference in certain athletic events, such as boy’s and girl’s basketball. 

The times for boys’ and girls’ basketball games favor the boys. Getting fans for women’s sports has always been a struggle. All athletes, boys and girls, love the feeling of support when people go and cheer for them in the sport they play. This can be a hard thing to get for girls more than boys. Girls’ basketball game times are at inconvenient times making it hard for parents and fans to go and support them.

Boys’ basketball times range from 5:30 to 8:00 in the afternoon and they are on the weekends. These times are extremely convenient for parents who work and students who play a different winter sport because of the later times. After work or practice, it is easy to stop in to cheer on the Quakers. On weekends, games are at times in the afternoon that are not early and are typically easy to attend. They draw many people to come to their games. This is not the case for girls’ basketball. The majority of the girl’s games are at 4:00 on school days which is extremely difficult for parents and students to attend. Students who play winter sports would have to be allowed by their coach to go watch the game, which rarely happens. Furthermore, the weekend games are either before noon or at noon. Most students are not awake for these times which makes it hard for girls to get supporters. A basketball player, Gianna Cottone, 26’, says, “The audience can really set a mood or change the rhythm of a game and without any fans, our team can feel unsupported.”

This is a problem that can easily be fixed. At Friends, we have two main gyms that are used for high school basketball. This is more than enough space for the games to happen at convenient times. Also, if girls’ basketball game times were later, the middle school could have that space during those days. Changing the times would truly help and be better for everyone. Friends should use both the gyms we have to get girls’ basketball at convenient times.

Basketball attracts many fans due to its fast pace, it is crucial to let the girls’ team have the same support as the boys. Equality is extremely important in this aspect of our life. To improve our community, we need to pay attention to this. WFS is known for our equality and kindness in our community, we need to uphold that reputation, especially in our 100th year of women’s athletics.