100 Years of Women’s Athletics


Gianna Cottone, Writer

This year is different from any other year at Wilmington Friends. The school is celebrating 100 years of Women’s Athletics. This is a huge accomplishment in the WFS community. Current student female athletes should walk onto every court and field feeling proud of what others before them have done. These brave women have paved a clear road for other female athletes. 

There have been many successful young female athletes who have graduated from Wilmington Friends. Margo Gramiak ‘22 is a great recent example. She is extremely accomplished as both an outstanding student and athlete. Gramiak came to Friends in kindergarten. She grew up in WFS’s community with the Quaker S.P.I.C.E.S. This will forever be a part of who Margo is, on and off the court. In a couple of weeks, she will be starting her first season playing basketball at Vasser University. “I am super excited to experience a college game atmosphere. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be playing with so many talented basketball players” Gramiak ‘22 explains. Even though Margo enjoyed her years of playing for Wilmington Friends, she expresses how different college is from high school. She also explains that high school athletes should not take their experience for granted. Margo received many awards in high school, one of them being Honorable Mention All-State.  Gramiak has been a role model for many female athletes below her! Even after she graduated from WFS, she is still leaving an impact on the community. 

Our school’s opportunities for female athletes have come a long way, but like many other things, it can still improve. A current student brought up the lack of support at female sports games. Giuliana DiPrinzio ‘25 made a valid point that seeing more students at the games would encourage the players. “Whenever I am playing, I look over to the sidelines. All I see are parents.” DiPrinzio ‘25 says. She expresses how disappointing it can be to have an almost empty set of bleachers. DiPrinzio and her teammates have worked so hard so far this season and it is paying off with their 7-2 record! 

Finally, Scott Clothier expresses his opinions on this season. Clothier is a teacher at Wilmington Friends as well as a coach for the girl’s soccer and field hockey teams. Last year, Clothier led both girls’ teams to the state playoffs. When asked if this season is different than the rest, Clothier explains, “I don’t know if I find it more significant, I find that it’s an opportunity to celebrate the fact that we’ve had women playing sports for 100 years at the school and it’s an opportunity for us to reflect on how far we’ve come but how far we need to go.” 

This is such an important year for all of the athletes at Wilmington Friends. Each athlete, both boys, and girls should be proud of what the women before them were able to accomplish. It is an honor to be able to celebrate 100 years of women’s sports. Homecoming is coming up and every athlete is looking to get a win and celebrate with their team. As they step out on the field for that highly anticipated game, they should remember the women who worked hard to get the school to where they are today.