Thoughts on the New Dress Code

Ava Steinberger, Writer

Quinn Green (‘24): “The newfound freedom with the dress code allows people to be more creative with their outfit choices.”


Kira Agne (‘23): “I think a more lax dress code is much better, as it allows me to be more comfortable during the school day. But, I do think that people take it to very far extremes since there are so few limitations on the dress code.”


Mrs. Johnson (Biology Teacher): “I have never been a fan of a dress code that makes us have to look at people’s bodies, so I am glad we’re not doing that anymore. I also think that students are still getting their jobs done, despite not having to be dressed up.”


Allie Saber (‘22): “It is definitely nice to be able to wear sweatpants and leggings on days when I have a test or something due.”

Max Rosenthal (‘23): “I just like being able to wear what I want to wear.”