New School Counselor


Molly Lavelle, Writer

Many new teachers and staff members have become a part of the Wilmington Friends School community this year. The addition of Danielle Litterelle, the new middle school/upper school counselor, has already made a tremendous impact. Many community and staff members felt the need for there to be someone students can turn to when needing extra support. Mrs. Litterelle is a parent in the community who has extended her involvement by becoming the new school counselor. 

Wilmington Friends took the hiring process for this job very seriously. When asked about the procedure, Mrs. Zug explained, “We had a MS/US search committee that interviewed many candidates and brought several to campus for finalist interviews. A student group also then met with each finalist.” Zug also explained how they required each candidate to have a master’s degree or a doctorate affiliated with the skill set of the position. Mrs. Litterelle claims that the way she heard about the new position was a “memorable story.” “My son, who was in kindergarten at the time, had lost his glove. I had written his teacher that afternoon to see if it was left behind in the classroom. It was not, but it was then that she made me aware of an opening for the Middle/Upper School Counselor at WFS. I have always dreamed of working at a school like WFS and having my two children join me every day.” Mrs. Litterelle has quite a background in counseling. She has been a school counselor for ten years now. She began working in a middle school for a year and then spent the past nine working with high schoolers. Litterelle also holds her license in professional counseling. “There is nothing more rewarding than working with students,” she explains. Prior to becoming a counselor, however, she was working in marketing. “I decided to go back to graduate school full-time while working and to follow my passion in supporting students’ social/emotional needs.”

In a recent interview, Mrs. Litterelle expressed her gratitude and love for the community, as well as shared insight on her recent experiences. “Everything has been great. Everyone is warm and helpful. I am becoming acclimated, and I am thrilled students are seeking me out.” Others are also glad Mrs. Litterelle joined Wilmington Friends School. Mrs. Zug explains, “Danielle Litterelle has been a terrific addition to the community, and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.” Ana Pardo ‘24 states, “It is great that students now have an advocate and place to vent, directly for mental health and their school issues. It may be uncomfortable to talk to your advisor about some of these issues, so the counselor can provide advice and information on your struggles.”  In Mrs. Litterelles’s words, “ I love my job so very much and am grateful for this opportunity to be the Middle/Upper School Counselor at WFS.”