Snow Day Activities


Brooke Harrison, Copy Editor

Over the weekend, Delaware, along with the Northeast was hit with another snowstorm. The snow started to fall on Friday night, and it didn’t seem to slow down until Saturday afternoon. The cold weather didn’t seem to stop, and neither did other students’ activities. While some people might have been shoveling snow, catching up on some sleep, reading a book, binge-watching a series, or even enjoying time in the snow, there’s no doubt that the weekend was filled with various activities.
Students took advantage of the snow and decided to go out and venture into it. Making sure to bundle up and stay warm, there were endless possibilities. From making snowmen and snow angels, a snow fort, or having a classic snowball fight, there was something for everyone. “I went sledding,” said Ava Vebeliunas ‘23. “It was really fun.” Other students stayed in. Greer Marvel ‘23 said, “I was playing games with a friend.” It sounds like students found one thing to do for themselves this weekend full of snow. “I watched a movie and did my nails,” said Yael Baaith-Durcharme ‘23. Upper School teacher Leslie Knight said, “I went sledding with my kids and shoveled snow.”
As the final few months of winter are slowly approaching us, who knows when snow will be found next. Hopefully, one of those snow days falls during the school week.