How Well is the School Handling COVID-19?


Eden Cottone, Science and Technology Writer

“You have to choose between your safety and your education.” Donnie Morton ’22 remarked when he was asked about how the school is handling the global pandemic. Morton has been both a virtual and in school learner. However, he isn’t the only one who has noticed this flaw in the system. I, too, have had to stay home and attend zoom classes everyday. It takes a toll on the person and their education. The curriculum is built for the students who learn in school, therefore the lesson will have a lesser effect on the online kids. Another student (whose name will remain anonymous) stated, “The online option is terrible, it hasn’t changed in three months. You don’t learn the same…” This system is bound to be flawed considering we are currently in uncharted territory.

To the school’s credit there is so much unknown, and it is hard to know what the “right” decision is. The school and it’s administration is learning along with us. But the question remains, how well is the school handling COVID-19? I asked this question to an anonymous faculty member. After taking a minute or two to think about it, they replied. “For the most part they are doing a good job. I think our protocols are correct- they took a lot of thinking, planning, and money. Everyone is doing their best, but I do think they are too scared to close the school.” At what point are the amount of cases out of control? Is the safety of the students being prioritized? These are all necessary questions we need to ask ourselves before we fill out that form every morning. Still, with all these concerns and comments from the students and faculty, the majority of the WFS community still come to school. Circling back to Morton’s comment, these students have recognized the disadvantages of online learning and have decided that their education must be prioritized over safety. When the anonymous student was asked how the school can do better, they replied,“I think the school needs to revisit some things. They need to make sure everyone, especially people with different learning profiles are accounted for.” While it is easy to critique the school, we must remember this is a time of uncertainty. 

During this time, it is important to think of yourself and others. The school has a job to help the students and prioritize them. They have aided the in school students without a doubt, but the online students are left hanging. As a student body, it is on us to try and reach out to the ones who have felt at a disadvantage. Now more than ever is a time to come together as a community and do your part. 

How Well is the School Handling COVID-19?