Remembering Justice Ginsburg

Eden Cottone, News Writer

     Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent 27 years on the Supreme Court, and she didn’t waste a moment. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was ahead of her time. She was a true icon, picturing a world where women would have the same rights and opportunities as men. Not only did she imagine it, but she worked towards that idea everyday. Again and again there were people who attempted to hold her back, but she never let them win. She is, and will forever remain, an inspiration.

     Ruth Bader Ginsburg, only the second woman to sit on the Supreme Court, leaves many in awe of all she has done. A graduate of Columbia Law School, top of her class, she still had to prove her worth everyday. In 1970, she was the leader of the Women’s Rights Project of the American Liberties Union. While she was in this position, she argued 6 crucial cases in front of the Supreme Court. She won 5. Such an achievement is considered an incredible accomplishment for any lawyer. Later on, she was nominated for the open Supreme Justice seat by President Bill Clinton. A poised and clearly intelligent woman, she convinced the senate that she was a great fit with an ending vote of 96-3. She was a strong supporter of gender equality, separation of church and state, and the rights of workers. One of her accomplishments is being one of the six judges to fight and vote for the Affordable Care Act when the new administration tried to appeal. Also, in 1996 RBG wrote the act of United States v. Virginia. Due to this the military could no longer refuse the inclusion of women. Justice Ginsburg fought for equal pay. She also was one of the 5 judges who ruled that refusing same sex marriage is not constitutional. RBG wouldn’t let anyone stop her. She fought with cancer for over a decade, and remained very present on the court. RBG spoke not only for women everywhere, but for everyone. She was for the people and Ruth Bader Ginsburg wouldn’t stop until she had done her part in the fight for equal rights and liberties in this country.

     As a young woman growing up in this world, it’s easy to say she continues to be a huge inspiration to me. Curious if others felt the same, I asked a couple students from school. Rosa Cochran ’21 said, “RBG is an inspiration to me because she fought decade after decade for women’s and minorities rights. She faces endless sexism in pursuing her education and legendary career.” Cochran also commented on what she believes to be one of Justice Ginsburg’s greatest accomplishments. “I think one of her most notable achievements is her support in the Ledbetter v. Goodyear Supreme Court case. It led to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which helps protect against pay discimination.” Alexa Donahue ‘22 went into detail about how amazing it was to see such a strong woman in a powerful position. Donahue noted, “Growing up and being able to watch RBG break barriers was such a defining moment.” It was clear from the responses given that RBG’s vitality and accomplishments were better known by the female population of Friends. In conclusion, although Justice Ginsburg has passed, she remains an inspiration to women around the US.