The Benefits of Four Days a Week

Lily Rashkind, Staff writer

As a recent survey was conducted amongst Wilmington Friends’ students and teachers, it was concluded that many students and parents felt as if we could all benefit from more in-person class time. While navigating how to safely re-open the school for just two days per week per division with the exception of a five day in-person school week for lower school students, has been a challenge, now the WFS community faces the challenge of how to incorporate both the middle and upper school students back into a four-day in-person week. While this new schedule has prompted relief and concern among students, many believe that this plan will ultimately benefit students who thrive in an in-person learning environment. “I hope it will last, and as long as we are very diligent about the restrictions and rules, we can hopefully sustain this new routine,” (Ava Steinberger ‘23). Ava’s remark seems to be one that pertains to how many of the students and faculty feel about this new model and plan. As long as students follow every restriction diligently and always take into account the benefits of social distancing and mask-wearing, this plan will hopefully go off without a hitch.

While some students and faculty members have their reservations about how this course of action will play out, many are excited to return to an almost normal school schedule, as was in place pre-pandemic. Other students including myself, have expressed excitement and optimism about being able to eliminate online classes from their schedules and to resume fully in-person learning, with the exception of the altered Wednesday schedule. “I think this is a step in the right direction, and I think this model will keep students significantly more engaged,” (George Rossi ‘24). Many students feel this schedule will allow students to remain more engaged and focused on schoolwork. 

Overall, while some students have expressed concerns about how the community will navigate this new model for the school week, everyone seems excited to resume in-person learning for as many days as possible and to ultimately see the benefits of in-person learning once again.