The Show Must Go On

Brooke Harrison, Weekly writer

This school year is nothing like last year. With having a hybrid school year, we are all adapting to the changes that were made. Some changes were the location of classes, the choice to stay fully online or going in two times a week, everything looks different. One major difference is the way the performing arts will be this year, specifically band.


One big difference is the location of where the band room is when we are in person. Usually, the location is right next to the choir room, and near the theatre. This year, it is in the west gym, so there is plenty of space to spread out. “Band also is no longer in the band room and now held in the gym where everyone is at least 6 feet away (possibly more) which is another big difference,” said Rebecca Hartwick ‘23. Another big difference is that players are required to wear masks while playing, and the instrument has some type of cover on it. Hartwick ‘23 also said, “The biggest difference is quite obviously the coverings for the instruments and masks. Though they’re easy to use and don’t hinder the sound too much they’re still a big difference compared to last year and have still taken some getting used to.” Another difference is where band director Christopher Verry is. Hartwick ‘23 said, “… Mr. Verry is up on the stands on the stairs so he’s a good big away as well as above everyone, so he uses a mic and the speakers too.” The past years Verry would be in front of us, teaching in the band room.


Throughout the school year, teachers will be adapting and changing, trying out new teaching styles to make sure everyone can learn the material. When asked what the school could be doing differently, Violet Perloff ‘24 said, “I’m not sure what school could change but it could be improved.” When asked the same question, Hartwick ‘23 said, “Not really. Aside from just not having band in school and only having it over zoom (which poses issues in itself, if it’s even possible at all), I don’t really think there are any other options that would still have the band meeting as a whole and practice.” For now, it’s too early in the school year to tell, but time will tell. 


To make sure we are all safe playing, the school made some changes. As said before, we are all wearing masks and the instruments have some type of covering, and we are all spread out far in the gym. When asked if they feel safe/comfortable playing their instrument, Perloff ‘24 said, “I feel pretty safe playing my instrument. Everyone has a form of a mask on and we are socially distanced.” When asked the same question, Hartwick ‘23 said, “Definitely, we’re all wearing masks, the instruments are nearly all covered and you’re constantly over 6 feet apart. Everyone follows the rules and procedures but we also still get to play our instruments. I think we’re the safest we could be while still having band.” 


For now, the school is trying to be the safest while still having band in person. It seems that people are satisfied with how they are for now, but we won’t know if anything will changing in the future.