Limited Space to Limitless Possibilities

Rebecca Hartwick, News Writer

     Well, we’re stuck. Quarantine has left everyone trapped in their homes, surrounded by the same people every day and dwindling ideas of fun activities to do. Quarantine has left everyone aimless and adrift.

     But it doesn’t have to feel that way. The COVID-19 Crisis is one of constant bad news and stress, but there are some who are using this quarantine to better themselves, by working out, learning new hobbies, connecting with old friends, (over facetime, or course) reading, and bonding with family. This pandemic will end, and it will be in the past, and things will settle back to normal, but in the meantime here are some things to do until then that will help give a real boost to these tough days.

    Firstly, working out is a fantastic idea. Not only does it allow for creative ideas on how to create a home workout but it’s the perfect healthy break between classes of just staring at a computer screen. Meredith “Mimi” Terranova ‘22, said she’s been “trying to stay active. I’ve also been forcing myself to eat healthily and have a productive schedule.” Staying active is really good for several reasons. It not only keeps the body healthy and in shape, but also produces serotonin which can improve temperament and sense of well-being. So not only will working out keep one physically healthy but will also help one’s emotional wellbeing during these particularly difficult times.

     Another possibility is learning new hobbies. During this quarantine period, many students have an abundance of free time, whether over the weekend or over regular weekdays, and a perfect way to productively use this time is to discover new activities. It not only increases one’s knowledge of different hobbies but it also is fun and a great way to challenge oneself. Some may want to pursue the hobby more, even after quarantine ends. Greer Marvel ‘23 mentioned she’s been working a lot of hobbies; “I’ve been making different foods, playing a lot of board games, going for walks with my dog and reading a lot.” Another perk about acquiring a new hobby is the options are nearly limitless, from trying a new sport (a one-player one) to exploring a new art form to creative writing.

     There is also a chance to try to connect with old friends. During this time we’re all nearly trapped in our houses with our families, who may be great, but we aren’t used to spending so much time with. This is why it’s a good idea to reach out to old friends, shoot them a text or have a facetime call, chances are high that they’ll pick up. This is an opportunity to rekindle old friendships that may have been fading, or even just talk to someone outside immediate family and not in a school setting. Mimi Terranova also said that she’s been facetiming a lot with her friends since it’s a great way to “hang out” with them while staying safe. 

     If one’s family is available and looking for ways to bond, try movie nights, themed dinners, board/card games or other family activities. There’ve been a few online posts about families doing themed dinners where the family members dress up and pretend it’s a fancy restaurant or chose each other’s outfits, or even do themed foods. Also, family game night or movie nights are awesome ways to bond with family and have fun after a long day.

     These are just a few of many ways to try and have fun and find the good in this dark situation but another last idea is to search for more things to do. This is not a full list, and if none of these seem fun, take heart, because there are hundreds of more things to do. And no matter what activity one chooses to brighten up their quarantine, they can at least take comfort in the fact that right now we’re all in it together, highschool musical quarantine style.