Prism Night: A Celebration of the Arts

Brooke Harrison, Weekly writer

On Friday, March 6th, WFS held its yearly Prism night. Prism night is when people in the WFS community share their artistic talents. Whether it’s singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or reading a poem, you can do anything. It’s all about showing off your artistic abilities. 

The planners of Prism night were Upper School art teacher, Cynthia Stan Mellow and senior Blue Koenig ’20. They helped determine the number of people showing up, the order of events, and more. When asked if it was stressful planning it, Koenig responded, “Yes, it was pretty stressful especially in the last few days leading up to it. It wasn’t that bad though, it’s not a huge event and it’s very straight forward.” 

One of the performers of Prism was sophomore Hannah Carter ’22. It was her first time singing for Prism, but she has been performing since she was 6 years old. She performed the song “Like A Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae. When asked how she decided on what song, Carter said, “I wanted to perform a song with a chill vibe and that’s one of my favorite songs. I also wanted to perform something that allowed me to really connect with my audience and that song does just that.” Carter plans on performing in the future for Prism night. 

There were a total of 10 performers and one art class that shared their work for Prism night. When asked about the number of people that performed, Koenig said, “I expected more to sign up to perform as we have had better turnouts in the past, however, I did speak with a fair amount of people who wanted to perform but couldn’t for various reasons.” Because each year is different, the planners have to make adjustments. Koenig continued, “We have never really changed the format of Prism Night, it’s always been like a talent night and the performing arts companion to Prism Magazine. In years past we used to have a tradition of a make your own waffle station but we phased that out over health concerns and the huge mess it made.” Other than the changes from before, Prism followed it’s normal ways. 

Prism night was a huge success, and if you have any type of talent that you would like to share that couldn’t be shared normally during school, sign up for Prism night next year.