Youtuber Feuds: Logan Paul versus KSI

Pier Paolo Ergueta, Entertainment Writer

On November 9th, Logan “The Maverick” Paul boxed “The Nightmare” KSI in a six-round professional fight. KSI won by split decision, as two judges scored the match in favor of KSI, and a third judge scored it in favor of Paul. This boxing event served as the rematch of a previous amateur fight between the two, which ended in a majority draw. The long feud never seems to end, however, and has culminated in even further rivalry. 

KSI and Logan Paul are video creators, primarily on the popular video entertainment platform, ‘YouTube.’ Both are known as influential figures in pop culture, as they have amassed followings of 20 million subscribers on their respective YouTube channels. 

However, despite these similarities, both of the creators found their popularity in distinct ways. KSI rose to his fame by making videos on the popular soccer video game ‘Fifa,’ and making skits with popular UK YouTubers, the Sidemen. He is also very well known throughout the YouTube community, due to a feud he had with YouTube King Pewdiepie. Contrarily, Logan Paul rose to his fame by making small skits on Vine, a previously viral video platform, and later on YouTube. He is very famous for his zany sense of humor, which is projected most in his daily vlogs.

Interestingly enough, both YouTubers seem to be fairly disliked among the students at WFS. During a conversation with Alex Saville ’21 and CJ Wise ’21, the two commented that,“I don’t really like either of them.” Similarly, members of the senior class seemed to share a similar sentiment. Mark McMillan ’20 and Tomas Vebeliunas ’20 both stated, “I hate both of them because of past actions.” 

Although some Friends students might dislike the Youtubers, they still seem to keep up with their feuds. Despite the hype around the first fight in August of 2018, many were left disappointed with the outcome, especially with the multiple promises of an “end” from both fighters prior to the first fight. Since the rematch was announced on the 3rd of September, hype rose again with both fighters promising first-round knockouts. Both KSI and Logan Paul trained profusely in the months before the fight, recognizing its immense importance to the potential of their careers. 

Just forty days before the fight, both Youtubers released fight documentaries of their training journeys. From this, viewers were able to gage just how close of a fight it could potentially be. Due to Logan Paul’s two inch height and six-pound weight advantages, the majority of intended viewers placed their bets on Paul, making KSI the underdog of the fight. Regardless, both fighters clearly were ready for the fight. Simultaneously, students at friends were also preparing for the fight. Many began to cast their predictions of its outcome, taking a clear focus on the hype and controversy of the match. In the end, the fight proved to be contentious, finally living up to this hype.

The first three rounds were controlled by KSI, but rounds four, five, and six remained debated in the public view. In round four, Paul landed a shocking uppercut and later held the back of KSI’s head to give another set of punches, which caused KSI to fall to the canvas. As he was falling, Paul landed a punch which would later lead to the deduction of two of his points. This ultimately cost Paul the fight. Despite his comeback in the final three rounds, his illegal hits prevented him from winning the match. As a result, the fight was as controversial as it was expected to be. When asked about his opinion on Paul’s loss in the fight, Ronnie Petrucci ’21 commented on his illegal hits. Petrucci said, “It should’ve just been a warning. The two point deduction wasn’t necessary. Logan Paul should have won, had if not been for the two point deduction.” Clearly, despite the factual outcome of the fight, opinions regarding the match remained varied. This ultimately leaves the fight largely undecided in viewers’ eyes.

Now, almost two weeks after the fight, both KSI and Logan Paul have filled in their roles as ‘winner’ and ‘loser’ respectively. As expected, the loser (Logan Paul) has become the subject of considerable humiliation. Interestingly enough, Paul has revealed that he will be filing a complaint against the two point deductions. This has ultimately worsened his public image, painting him as a sore loser. KSI, meanwhile, continues to grow and thrive, maintaining high on his throne as the ‘YouTube Boxing Champion.’ 

Has this feud truly ended? Though Logan Paul has expressed interest in a third fight, KSI has rejected any notions of it, saying, “It is done… I’m on to the next thing.” Regardless, the Friends community remains clearly interested in the Youtubers’ controversy, as they continue to follow their feuds. It will be interesting to see in the future whether a third fight actually manifests, and what the reactions of the community will be. No matter the outcome, though, this fight proved to be one of great interest and controversy.