Senior Stress and the College Crisis

Brooke Harrison, News Writer


Every year, the students from the senior class make decisions. Whether it is to decide what type of attitude they will have each day or if to put extra effort into studying for that test, they all are important. But one of the most important decisions a student will make in their senior year is deciding what school to go to for college. 

Filling out a college application can be long and time-consuming. There are different applications and requirements for each one. Some of the current seniors had no prior knowledge about applying before junior year and were unprepared. When asked if she felt unprepared about the college application, Ava Cottone ’20 responded, “At the end of junior year I did not feel prepared at all. I didn’t even know what a college application looked like or what I needed to do for it.” Even though some students have an older sibling that went through the same college process, they still weren’t very prepared. Erin Mann ‘21 responded to the same question with, “I did have prior information on college because of my brother. He is a freshman in college, so I saw him go through the process. The process is a little hard, but it’s great having prior information.” The seniors didn’t know what to expect.

Something all upperclassmen can agree on is that junior year is the hardest. With all the standardized tests that students take, balancing harder classes and extracurriculars, it is a lot to handle and can be stressful for students. When asked how stressful the year is so far, Erin Mann 21’ responded with, “Junior year hasn’t been too stressful, but it has been getting harder. Because we are getting into the college process, junior year is becoming more stressful.” Rose Gnade, one of the college advisors here at WFS. Offers some advice for destressing. “Put your cell phone down, close your computers, and find some time to work out, go for a walk outside or sleep. Unplug for at least 30 minutes a day and focus on self care.” Focusing on yourself for part of your day will make sure you can stay relaxed and not be overstressed. 

Even though the seniors are stressed about colleges, many juniors also feel pressure about the college season. Junior year is already very challenging for many students, but college pressure for standardized testing and more extracurricular activities outside of school can make it even harder than it already is. To make the year a little easier, Rose Gnade says, “juniors need to focus on their grades and passions. Figure out the one thing you like and spend time pursuing it.” Even though that will not necessarily make all junior year problems disappear, it can help minimize them.

Seniors and juniors have many different opinions about the college process. Some are good, while some are suggestions to make it better, easier, and less stressful. With some of these considerations, hopefully the seniors and juniors will be able to take the advice and can have a more relaxing school year.