Winterthur’s 39th Annual Point-to-Point

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Donald Whitley

A view of the beautiful landscape of Winterthur’s Point to Point!

Alice Irwin, Sports Editor


On Sunday, May 7th, many members of the community will indulge in a signature spring event known as Point-to-Point. Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library will host its 39th Annual Point-to-Point event, which is a high-spirited day filled with professional horse racing, tailgating, and family-friendly activities. In addition to these highlights, people of all ages can enjoy numerous activities such as pony rides, stick horse races, the Winterthur Hunt, face painting. Point-to-Point is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together, as it is one of the Brandywine Valley’s most adored spring traditions.

Many members of the Upper School have attended Point-to-Point in previous years and look forward to what this year’s event has to offer. “Spring is always my favorite time of the year, especially because of Point-to-Point because it is just a fun day when my friends and I get to dress up, hang out at the tailgates, and watch the races. Point-to-Point has such a good energy and everyone who goes always has a good time,” commented Marie DeVoll, ’18. Countless young adults of our community gather together, usually in formal attire, to appreciate the beautiful venue, time with friends and family, and the energetic horse races. The Brandywine Valley’s younger populace have high hopes for this year regarding the cheerful and entertaining atmosphere that the occasion brings.

The Wilmington Friends community also recognizes Point-to-Point as a festive way to welcome springtime. “Going to Point-to-Point is a great way to spend time with your friends, doing nothing more than enjoying springtime. Everyone gets dressed up just to go enjoy the day – that is what is so great about the event,” added Andrew Knotts, ’18. The simplicity of Point-to-Point is what tends to draw people to the event as it is fundamentally an opportunity to be with loved ones at a beautiful time of the year.

However, despite the more relaxed tone taken by attendees regarding this event, the sport of horse racing, in a larger sense, is actually quite dangerous. A few community members have either recognized or experienced this impending danger and have refrained from taking part in Winterthur’s event due to the dangers. “I have not attended Point-to-Point in years, mostly because it is an extremely dangerous sport for both riders and horses. Although I appreciate the excitement of horse racing, my heart is in my throat every time I attend a steeplechase race,” Helen Thompson, Middle School Dean of Student Life, explained. While there may always be risks that come with the sport, Point-to-Point is an opportunity to experience the thrill and treacherous beauty of horse racing.

In addition to the horse races, there is another popular component of the event that is likely to bring a smile to every attendee’s face. “One of my favorite things about Point-to-Point is when they let out the foxhounds and let them run around the tracks in between races,” DeVoll noted. The Parade of River Hills Foxhounds is when a group of foxhounds from the River Hills Foxhounds Organization run around the racetrack as a mock fox chase. This part of Point-to-Point is yet another amusing and cherished aspect of the day that people in attendance of all ages are sure to take delight in.

Winterthur will greet copious amounts of Brandywine Valley’s community members to celebrate its 39th Annual Point-to-Point on Sunday, May 7th. By taking part in this beloved spring tradition, attendees are likely to spend a lovely, lighthearted day with friends and family, as they watch esteemed horse races and enjoy the beauty of springtime.