The Whittier Miscellany

2018-2019 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Connor MillerEditor in ChiefSee Connor Miller's profile
See Connor Miller's profile
Ellie BradleyNews EditorSee Ellie Bradley's profile
See Ellie Bradley's profile
Elise JohnsonScience & Technology EditorSee Elise Johnson's profile
See Elise Johnson's profile
Carlin BeskroneSports EditorSee Carlin Beskrone's profile
See Carlin Beskrone's profile
Jimmy ButterfieldEntertainment EditorSee Jimmy Butterfield's profile
See Jimmy Butterfield's profile
Lilia MachadoPhoto EditorSee Lilia Machado's profile
See Lilia Machado's profile
Lucy KnudsenColumnistSee Lucy Knudsen's profile
See Lucy Knudsen's profile
Nick UrickColumnistSee Nick Urick's profile
See Nick Urick's profile
Olivia IvinsStaff WriterSee Olivia Ivins's profile
See Olivia Ivins's profile
Henry WiemanStaff WriterSee Henry Wieman's profile
See Henry Wieman's profile
Nate RashkindStaff WriterSee Nate Rashkind's profile
See Nate Rashkind's profile
Kyle NisbetStaff WriterSee Kyle Nisbet's profile
See Kyle Nisbet's profile
Sam BoulosStaff WriterSee Sam Boulos's profile
See Sam Boulos's profile
Connor RosasStaff WriterSee Connor Rosas's profile
See Connor Rosas's profile
Nick ReddStaff WriterSee Nick Redd's profile
See Nick Redd's profile
Dylan RoskovenskyStaff WriterSee Dylan Roskovensky's profile
See Dylan Roskovensky's profile
Craig LyttletonStaff WriterSee Craig Lyttleton's profile
See Craig Lyttleton's profile
Oliver GooderhamStaff WriterSee Oliver Gooderham's profile
See Oliver Gooderham's profile
James TallmanStaff WriterSee James Tallman's profile
See James Tallman's profile
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