Ryan Wood: The New Global Peace and Justice Teacher

Molly Lavelle, Staff writer

The ninth grade has a new Peace Teacher! Ryan Wood, a graduate of Wilmington Friends 2016 class, has taken the position to teach all five sections of Global Peace and Justice to the ninth graders. Mr. Wood graduated from friends and attended the University Of Delaware for college. His transition was abrupt, but he describes it as nothing less than exciting. “It’s a new experience teaching, meaning there’s obviously a learning curve, but I think everything is coming together really well. Even though teaching a significant amount of work, it’s also incredibly fun.” The class of ‘24 is thrilled to have him and excited to finish out the course with such an enthusiastic teacher.

Mr. Wood found out about the opening when Mr. Ergueta emailed him and told him how he had been recommended for the position. “It surprised me, and quite frankly it flattered me to learn so many people believed in me and supported me through the hiring process.” Mr. Ergueta had been quite the role model for Wood before he had even interviewed for the position. He explains how Mr. Eguerta taught him a lot about what being a teacher means and what is important when taking on that position. 

Coming back to your school and teaching as a teacher so last minute can be a difficult thing to do. Mr. Wood gives insight on how it can take up to 3 years to design a course. He obviously did not have much time even close to that to prepare for the position. However, the school has given him an extreme amount of support. Mr. Wood has worked closely with John Hanson, Middle School Social Science Teacher, Rebecca Zug, Head of Upper School, and Rick Grier-Reynolds, founder of the Global Peace and Justice course. 

The Friends community has been excited to welcome him back. He explains how numerous teachers have reached out offering their help. He also adds how the students have been a huge help. He explains how one of the biggest positives when taking this position has been the students. He also describes how the community has been overly supportive throughout the whole transition. “The community, in general, has been so supportive that it’s made the process go far smoother than I ever could have anticipated.” If WFS is known for anything, it would be the warm sense of community that is offered to every single person.